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Structural Engineering

Where vision + accuracy = excellence


There is a uniqueness to every structure and at T&B we understand that. Buildings & bridges add a sense of culture to a place that people can be proud of and appreciate. We proudly work with you to create innovative, safe and sustainable designs for a multitude of building and bridge projects. With a heavy focus on structural soundness, cost effectiveness, constructability, and quality, we ensure that your vision is brought to life in a purposeful way. 

Coupling extensive experience with industry knowledge, we are committed to exceeding client expectations through transparent conversations regarding specific project needs that help us identify obvious constructability issues and conflicts, determine required actions, and recommend engineering solutions early on. At T&B, efficiency is key and our quality assurance plan serves as an extra boost to increase accuracy and deliver exceptional results.


How we build together

    • Structural Analysis & Evaluation
    • Structural Condition Assessment
    • Design of Steel, Concrete, Timber and Masonry Buildings
    • Historic Rehabilitation & Preservation
    • Highway & Pedestrian Bridges
    • Water & Wastewater Structures
    • Retaining Wall Design
    • Pre-Cast & Prestressed Concrete Design
    • Special Inspections

Featured Projects