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KC Current Women’s Soccer Stadium

First of its kind, Kansas City Current’s new world-class soccer stadium will be the first purpose-built stadium to house a National Women’s Soccer League team that does not have to share their home stadium with a men’s team.

The revolutionary stadium is uniquely located on the City’s Berkley Riverfront and will be the first arena built Downtown for a professional sports team. The $117 million project will provide 11,500 seats, luxury hospitality spaces and a bar that overlooks the pitch.


What We Did

Taliaferro & Browne provided land surveying and civil engineering services including topographic and property surveys, platting, easement descriptions. Civil Engineering design included site layout, grading, public and private utility design, stormwater management, and erosion control.

Due to the project’s unique location adjacent to the Missouri River levee, Taliaferro & Browne was responsible for coordinating with the US Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that the project design maintained the integrity of the existing levee.

Completion Date
Est. 2024

Kansas City, MO

Project Sheet


Civil Engineering