To our Clients, Partners and Friends,

At Taliaferro & Browne, we stand strong in knowing that our mission is “To exceed our clients’ and communities’ expectations by providing strategic solutions with expertise, integrity, responsiveness, and collaborative relationships.” Perhaps, our mission statement has never been more important than today.

Due to the increasing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want our clients, partners, and friends to know that you are our top priority. We stand with you in the fight against this pandemic by taking precautionary measures to maintain the safety of our people and our communities. Given the uncertainty surrounding the local, national, and global effects of the virus, we have created a business continuity plan that is designed to continue serving you while keeping your safety and the safety of our people in mind.  

What We’re Doing and How We’ll Get Through This:

  • Some of our staff will be telecommuting, working from home to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to minimize contact with others.  If you call the office, your call will be directed via the telephone system to the person that you have called, even if that person is in a remote location. Calls that go into general voice mail will be monitored by administrative personnel and directed to the correct recipient. Either way, we’ll get back with you right away.
  • Please feel free to contact any of us by e-mail or telephone if required. We will assure adequate communication during this disruptive period.
  • We are discouraging in-person meetings and replacing those meetings with virtual video and/or audio conferencing.
  • Our field personnel will continue to provide surveying and resident services with appropriate health and safety protocol, unless ordered to cease work by lockdown from health authorities.
  • We have created and implemented a robust intranet for internal company-wide, real-time communication. This system will allow us to communicate and to act as a team regardless of location. We will also utilize Microsoft Teams and/or Go-To Meeting to allow our project teams to function to your best advantage in completing projects.
  • Our plan is to continue to service our clients and meet required deadlines regardless of the ill effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As updates continue, we will closely monitor this pandemic and identify creative, problem-solving approaches to ensure delivery of the highest level of service. You are not just our clients; you are our valued friends and we openly welcome any suggestions on how we can better serve you in building our future together, even in trying times. Feel free to email us at or email your favorite engineer directly if you need help with your business operations or in your communities. We are here to serve you and we stand with you during these unprecedented times.


Your Friends at Taliaferro & Browne