Staff Spotlight: Rick Gard

Mason Mohseni Headshot

What is your role at Taliaferro & Browne?

As lead of the survey department, I am in charge of scheduling survey crews, coordinating with clients, review and sign off on all surveys.

Why did you choose land surveying as a career choice?

Right out of high school, I started working for a company in which my brother was the supervisor of the survey department. Right then and there, I loved the work I did. It was challenging but enjoyable and I loved being outdoors.

How does technology play a role in efficient land surveying?

When I first got into the industry, there were no computers or electronic survey equipment. We measured everything with steel tape. New technology has made this considerably easier and more accurate.

How does T&B help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

I did not have an active Missouri license prior to my employment at T&B. One of the requirements was to get my Missouri license reactivated AND acquire a Kansas license as well. At T&B, we have a wide range of clients that require various types of work that I hadn’t performed in the past.

How do you feel working at T&B?

This is honestly one of the best places I’ve ever worked. I feel much more at ease with the company environment and the ownership. It is almost as if it is a family atmosphere. I didn’t know anything about T&B prior to my employment. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here. For the most part, everyone that I run into at T&B has a positive attitude and is pleasant to work with.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to pursue a career with T&B?

I would encourage it wholeheartedly. It’s an excellence place to work. If you’re willing to apply yourself and work hard, you have pretty good future here.