Staff Spotlight: Mason Mohseni

Mason Mohseni Headshot

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Mason Mohseni, T&B would like to highlight you for your exceptional knowledge in structural engineering. Please meet, Dr. Mason Mohseni.

What is your role at T&B?

As a structural engineer, I evaluate, design and inspect a variety of structures and provide clients with their structural needs such as reports and construction documents. I also manage small to mid-size design projects and assist senior project managers in larger projects.

Within structural engineering, what do you enjoy the most and why?

I love designing bridges. I’ve designed several bridges in the past and when you get to know something, you want to perfect your craft. Sometimes, it can be challenging but it’s still something I really like!

What are some of the challenges of bridge design?

Environmental conditions can be a real challenge when designing bridges. I remember I was designing a bridge in a coastal area and we had to use a very expensive deep foundation just to combat poor soil conditions we faced. Even bridge location can be a serious challenge. Designing bridges in urban areas with high traffic may require accelerated bridge construction techniques because you can’t shut down a pathway for an excessive amount of time. It may become demanding and very challenging sometimes but it also stimulates critical thinking skills.

How do you combat those challenges?

These aren’t just my challenges, these are industry challenges. There is a ton of research conducted on these issues along with many others every year that I try to stay up to date on. I attend several conferences, seminars, and webinars. Many research institutes give access to their latest research findings that help combat structural design issues. I always try to stay informed and connected with the engineering community to learn about innovations and new approaches in structural engineering.

Generically speaking, what valuable insights do you have about structural engineering?

With this field, I think collaboration with other fields of engineering is critical. It’s important to know the different sides of a project so that you understand how your design will impact the system and particularly construction. Structural engineers should be more involved in every aspect of the project’s development. We, structural engineers, used to focus too much on the project cost and optimization. I would like to encourage younger engineers to educate themselves on sustainable construction solutions and keep that in mind in their everyday engineering practices.

How has T&B impacted you as a professional or helped you achieve your personal and professional goals?

I am really encouraged here. Prior to T&B, I was not a licensed professional engineer but through T&B’s professional development programs, I was able to achieve my goal of getting licensed. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to establish a network of engineers who are industry leaders while improving both my technical and leadership skills.

How do you feel working at T&B?

I ACTUALLY get excited to come to work. I work on so many different types of projects which really excites me. I get to design bridges, buildings, water/wastewater facilities or even conducting special inspections and structural evaluations. Each one of those fields presents its own complexities. Everyday I’m faced with something new and I like that. To me, I’ll never get bored here.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career with T&B?

Everyone should have an idea of what they want to obtain in their career. Here at Taliaferro & Browne, it’s possible. If I’m recommending T&B to anyone, it would be the endless opportunities to improve both their leadership and technical skills. We have a wonderful team that work really well together and though everyone has individual responsibilities that can be challenging, you will never be left alone. Here, we are a team and I really like that.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I’m excited to help T&B’s leadership grow our structural department. It’s important to me to be an effective team member while working with a group of engineers specifically focused on the structural aspect of a project.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

A cheetah because they’re fast! Duh!