Blue River WWTP


The Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant (BRWWTP) is located in Kansas City, Missouri, generally north of the Blue River, west of Interstate 435, north and south of Front Street. Primary wastewater treatment included a rock box, mechanical screens, vortex grit chambers and primary clarifiers. Secondary treatment included trickling filters and final clarifiers. As part of the Overflow Control Program (OCP), Taliaferro & Browne assisted with preparation of the Plant Capacity Study, a report to determine the current flow and treatment capacities of the Blue River WWTP and the capability of the plant to receive additional wet weather flows. We evaluated each process and hydraulic grade calculations were prepared through the primary and secondary treatment process. A schematic hydraulic profile was developed using three scenarios: 3 final clarifiers operating, 4 final clarifiers operating, and 4 primary clarifiers operating. These results were included in the Plant Capacity Study, jointly prepared by the OCP and used to develop a procedure to field stress test the plant during actual storm events. We hydraulically stress tested the grit system, primary clarifiers, secondary treatment, bypass facilities, to determine the capability of each process, and then tested combined primary and secondary processes, and finally whole plant testing. Testing included observation, flow monitoring and water quality sampling.

Earlier work by T&B at Blue River WWTP included the civil site plan for the new grit handling building and a large solids removal system for the plant influent. As the civil engineer for this project, Taliaferro & Browne was responsible for the design of new storm and sanitary sewers, a water main relocation, and the civil site plan for the Rock Box installation, specifications, and cost estimates.