Troost MAX


Taliaferro & Browne, Inc. was the lead consultant for the implementation of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route on Troost Avenue. The route runs from Downtown, along Troost Avenue, to a southern terminus at approximately Bannister Road, with an extension to the Three Trails Redevelopment area. The Troost Metro Area Express (MAX) route is similar in operation and appearance to the MAX route along Main Street that began operations in July 2005.

The final planning/preliminary engineering phase of the project consisted primarily of finalizing the route alignment, station locations, and operating plan for the new MAX service. A comprehensive community involvement effort encouraged community input and stakeholder involvement. The final design phase developed bid documents for the fabrication of the MAX shelters and MAX markers, and the construction of the MAX stations, including sidewalk and streetscape improvements. There are 47 station locations including a Park & Ride facility and a turnaround location.