West Raytown Road Bridge


Raytown Road functions as a minor arterial roadway, providing access to the southeastern portion of the metropolitan area. Principal points of connection to Raytown Road are at Stadium Drive, I-70, and Blue Ridge Cutoff. This project involved replacement of the West Raytown Road Bridge over Round Grove Creek. The West Bridge is located between Ozark Road and the entrance to the Kansas City Municipal Farm.

Prior to the project, the West Bridge consisted of a cast-in-place concrete, spandrel-filled arch bridge that was constructed in 1913. The structure had a span of approximately 40’ 8” and a rise of 9’ 3”. Cast-in-place concrete wing walls were provided on the upstream and downstream faces of the structure. The Bridge was hydraulically deficient and in poor structural condition. The Bridge had been posted with a reduced load rating of 20 tons.

The replacement structure designed by Taliaferro & Browne is a three-span, precast concrete, I-girder bridge with an overall length of 156 feet and a 40-foot roadway. The new structure was lengthened and the approach roadway was raised to provide additional hydraulic capacity. An MSE retaining wall was provided along the south side of the roadway approaches to accommodate the 54-inch Jackson Cass transmission main, which parallels the project, and a new 12-inch water distribution main was designed to avoid conflicts with the roadway and bridge improvements.