Beacon Hill NW Quadrant

Recognized as a sustainable community by the Mid-America Regional Council in 2013, this 100 acre development is a redevelopment of an old inner city neighborhood that had fallen on hard times, and suffered disinvestment, decline and urban decay. The historic neighborhood now features, multifamily and single family housing, neighborhood commercial development and the upcoming Beacon Hill Hotel.

The area is tributary to combined sewers that are under order of consent decree. Consequently, the City Water Services Department has instituted stringent storm water discharge limits. In order to comply with these limits, the latest phase of development in the northwest quadrant includes a new storm water collection system that utilizes green storm water management strategies and technologies (BMPs) as a compliment to the “gray” infrastructure system.

The BMPs include bio-swales, infiltration basins and rain gardens. The goal of these BMPs is to reduce overflows, improve water quality, and create attractive amenities for the residents.

The centerpiece of the new “Green” Beacon Hill infrastructure consists of a large central open space with a walking trail that leads users through a predominantly native landscape. This area is designed to capture storm water runoff from a majority of the site including public streets, to allow for storm water retention and infiltration into the soil through a series of shallow pools and bio-swales.

Overflow during significant rain events will be directed to an underground detention facility with a below grade storm water infiltration gallery after passing through the green infrastructure facility. Final discharge is back into the City’s combined sewer system, but with volume of storm water and peak flow significantly reduced. Additionally, the first flush from streets and roadways is cleansed before reintroduction into the system.