The Mount Cleveland Initiative was the result of a planning process between the residents of the Mount Cleveland neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, and the adjacent Swope Parkway Health Center (SPHC). In 1991, SPHC proposed building a residential drug treatment facility in the Mount Cleveland neighborhood. Residents agreed to support the proposal if SPHC agreed to engage in additional broad neighborhood revitalization activities. At the same time, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Kansas City, Missouri began to think about making improvements to Brush Creek that had been the site of a devastating flood in 1977. The Army Corps of Engineers, made significant improvements to Brush Creek and the adjacent Blue River lessening flood hazard while Taliaferro & Browne under contract to the City of Kansas City, designed a new Blue Parkway as a six-lane parkway with new storm sewer systems tied into the Corps project. These public improvements led to the private 70-acre, $100 million redevelopment project now known as The Mount Cleveland Initiative. Swope Community Builders was the developer for all segments. This major initiative reclaimed a flood prone area that was the home to junk yards and other marginal land uses. Blue Parkway and the adjacent development is now an attractive flourishing major gateway to the City from eastern suburbs. Taliaferro & Browne as lead engineering consultant, assisted with all preliminary planning for this development and conducted all civil engineering design for the entire project. The following project segments were included:

  • Blue Parkway Realignment – T&B prime consulting design
  • Swope Health Services, a community health center
  • Mt. Cleveland Heights - Phase I, a 70-unit mixed-income duplex community T&B Civil Engineering Design
  • The H & R Block Service and Technology Center – T&B Civil & Structural Engineering
  • The Blue Parkway Office Building – T&B Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Blue Parkway Town Center – T&B Civil Engineering
  • 54 Unit Curls Manor - Seniors housing project – Civil Engineering